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McCambridge Sales Consultancy provide a bespoke range of services which specialise in helping companies to maximise their sales opportunities and grow a profitable business.

In today's difficult economic climate and trading conditions, sales are key to both company's survival and growth. McCambridge Sales Consultancy has the experience and expertise to support companies through this difficult period.

The key to our success is that we have an in-depth understanding of the sales process and the know how to make it work for all businesses to maximise profitable sales.

With more than eleven years experience with clients in Northern Ireland, GB and the US, we understand the dynamics of the sales cycle for large, global and small and medium sized businesses. Our advice is always practical, pragmatic, and cost effective enabling us to help a broad range of business sectors including new businesses, established businesses, social enterprises and high technology companies.

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My experience of working with Susan McCambridge has made the outlook for my business a more positive one. In today's climate, this was essential work to do.

I faced some realities about my business and was able to refocus my energies towards achieving bigger business by stepping up my game and developing short & long-term strategies for success.

Tessa Greer
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