Established Businesses

For the past eleven years, McCambridge Sales Consultancy has been providing sales consultancy for established companies.

One of the recurring requirements of our customers is the need to secure bigger longer term contracts. In addition they often find that whilst their business is growing there is a requirement to provide a more professional "sales process" which allows them to reflect the growth of the business.

These are just two of the business issues that McCambridge Sales Consultancy can help with. All our services are tailored to company specific requirements and some of our services are outlined below:

  • Sales Generation Strategy

    Having a clear sales strategy is a key step to generating a consistent pipeline of sales leads. Based on our experience we can help you to create clear strategies for generating more sales leads. These can be for both new business customers and key accounts.

  • Prospect Management Strategy

    McCambridge Sales Consultancy Prospect Management Service involves finding the right contacts for our clients, initiating contact, presenting the proposition and - in an impressive 1 in 4 Board level discussions - we will arrange an appointment on behalf of our clients. We can work with our customers to either carry out this service for them or show them how to do it themselves.

  • Development of Value Propositions

    This is a key component of our Prospect Management Service and we can offer this as a stand alone service.

  • Sales Performance Review

    McCambridge Sales Consultancy can carry out a review of the current situation and provide a solution to address any identified issues.

  • Sales Process Improvement

    McCambridge Sales Consultancy can work closely with clients who either do not have sales methodology or one that is underperforming. We can support customers in the introduction of a formalized process or review an existing methodology against best practice.

  • Sales Collateral

    Case studies, sales presentations and customer letters are a major component of a sales methodology. We can support our customers by implementing corporate templates which can be used in a wide range of sales situations.

  • Key Account Strategies

    We can work with customers to identify which accounts should be priority accounts and then support the implementation or review of the account planning process to ensure it meets the needs of the business.

  • Business Intelligence

    This is a key area and McCambridge Sales Consultancy can work with customers to identify a range of business area where competitor intelligence can provide input into business planning. These can include projects to identify when competitors contracts are coming up for renewal, threats of new entrants in a market place and key changes that are happening in target markets.

  • Coaching and Training

    We work with clients either on a one-to one basis or with groups of individuals within a business to pass on our expertise in all aspects of the sales cycle.


Our work with Susan has given us space to think, time to explore ideas not previously considered, and the opportunity to develop a follow-up strategy on those ideas. Susan kept us accountable and focused on our plans and actions. We have seen immediate bottom-line results and are delighted to recommend her services to anyone prepared to be challenged.

Trudy Arthurs
Managing Director