High Technology Businesses

McCambridge Sales consultancy has worked with a number of high technology companies over the past eleven years.

Confidentiality has been key to a number of the projects we have carried out and many of our client companies prefer to keep the success of our projects confidential also.

We have outlined below, with their permission, some of the companies we have worked with:

  • ITNET - now part of SERCO
  • Xansa - now part of Steria
  • Sony
  • Sapient
  • Information Builders
  • Compuware
  • SchlumbergerSema - now part of Atos Origin

Susan McCambridge spent 17 years as a Sales Executive within the high value service sector and in 1998 she was a Major Account Sales Executive responsible for selling multi-million pound outsourcing contracts with responsibility for everything from closing the contracts to identifying potential new market opportunities.

She saw an opportunity to outsource parts, or all of the sales cycle activities of Strategic Sales Executives. The company then was McCambridge Associates and it has grown to encompass all aspects of the sales-cycle. For the past eleven years we have specialised in Supporting Strategic Sales Teams, who sell complex, service-based propositions and service-based solutions.

We do understand that many Sales and Marketing Directors are nervous about outsourcing parts of the cycle, as it is a relatively new concept in this function. As we say to all our customers, we do not do anything your sales people could not do - but by specialising on components of the Cycle, we can leverage economies of scale and typically deliver more efficiently and cost-effectively than an in-house team.

In addition, we bring broad-based experience to the process, thereby offering added value to the Sales activity. The benefit of being focused purely on the specific activities within the Sales Cycle without distraction, together with direct accountability for those activities, is immeasurable.

We believe our ability to understand the complexities of multi-level, multi-division and multi-country sales campaigns is unique. We specialise in supporting companies selling multi-million pound services.

Our portfolio covers the following areas:

  • Prospect Management Service

    McCambridge Sales Consultancy find the right contacts for our clients, initiate contact, present the proposition and - in an impressive 1 in 4 Board level discussions - we will arrange an appointment on behalf of our clients.

  • Sales Outsourcing Service

    McCambridge Sales Consultancy have a track record in providing a highly skilled and experienced sales force for targeted sales campaigns in very complex markets. This service enables organisations to leverage our expertise to deliver revenue growth in the shortest possible timescale.

  • Market Intelligence Service

    This service allows our customers to better understand potential markets for their service propositions. This has allowed many of our customers to make qualified decisions on whether to target a potential major account or not.

  • Market Launch Service

    This allows companies to quickly and cost-effectively establish a low risk presence in a new market. This can be in a new country, such as penetrating the US or European markets, or by market testing a new service.

  • Strategic Account Service

    Typically, Global Account Directors spend 80% of their time on 20% of their target accounts. McCambridge Sales Consultancy can keep the contacts in these accounts warm and monitor potential competitor activity, while Account Directors are closing targeted business.

  • Sales Cycle Consultancy

    Bid Management, Account Planning, and Proposition Development are just some of the areas in which we have recently utilised our in-depth experience to carry out projects for customers.

  • Case Study Service

    Case studies are powerful sales tools for service and consulting organisations but need to be kept up to date regularly. Our outsourced service allows companies to do this.

  • Sales Co-ordination Service

    Considering the busy and diverse Sales Teams there is a need to coordinate and collate all sales activity. McCambridge Sales Consultancy Co-ordination Service allows all the background tasks necessary for an efficient sales force to be coordinated as a Business Process Outsourcing Service.


My experience of working with Susan McCambridge has made the outlook for my business a more positive one. In today's climate, this was essential work to do.

I faced some realities about my business and was able to refocus my energies towards achieving bigger business by stepping up my game and developing short & long-term strategies for success.

Tessa Greer
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