Case Study Service

Case studies are powerful sales tools for consulting and service based organisations.

They help to capitalize on past successes and provide evidence and open clients' eyes to what is possible if they work with your company.

The meteoric rise of the corporate website means that case studies need to be collected, published and kept up to date more regularly than ever before.

Typically customers use McCambridge Associates to write their case studies because:

  • They cannot find the time to write them!

  • They benefit from an independent view

  • We understand what it takes to motivate people to buy consulting services

  • We know how to make consulting skills tangible to an analytical audience

  • We help them to put in place a process to collect and publish their case studies in the future


My experience of working with Susan McCambridge has made the outlook for my business a more positive one. In today's climate, this was essential work to do.

I faced some realities about my business and was able to refocus my energies towards achieving bigger business by stepping up my game and developing short & long-term strategies for success.

Tessa Greer
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