Interim Management

Susan McCambridge is available for interim management roles.

These roles will typically be to manage transition, crisis or change within the sales function of a company. This will usually be when a permanent role may be unnecessary or there may be insufficient time to make a permanent appointment. Internally, there may not be anybody suitable for, or available to take up, the position. Whatever the reason, there are several factors that make using Susan McCambridge in an interim management role a very powerful resourcing option.

Susan can bring the following benefits to an organisation:

  • Effectiveness: Operating at or near board-level gives Susan the authority to effect significant change or transition within a company.

  • Speed: Susan can be in place within days as opposed to weeks (essential when time constraints are paramount).

  • Experience: Susan can bring a wealth of experience to an organisation and may be more than qualified for the position she is taking on.

  • Objectivity: Unencumbered by any previous involvement in company processes or staff relationships, Susan can provide a fresh perspective and is free to concentrate on what's best for the business.

  • Accountability: Rather than taking on a purely advisory role (as a management consultant would), Susan will be responsible and accountable for the delivery of the project.

  • Cost: Susan is on the InvestNI database of potential Interim Managers and depending on the project they may be 49% of the cost from the project.


My experience of working with Susan McCambridge has made the outlook for my business a more positive one. In today's climate, this was essential work to do.

I faced some realities about my business and was able to refocus my energies towards achieving bigger business by stepping up my game and developing short & long-term strategies for success.

Tessa Greer
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